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Kronos has 8 proven pump ingredients that deliver over 11 grams of potent ingredients to get you to your biggest pump you’ve ever experienced. Your muscles will appear fuller and vascular than ever before while also feeling a dramatic strength increase. Kronos also packs an intense energy and focus complex that will push you past your workout with no crash afterwards. Using only science backed ingredients and clinical dosages, Virtus Sports Nutrition is proud to offer you a premium formula that will get you to a superior performance level you’ve never reached before. An all-in-one formula that gives you everything you need to crush your workout.


Everyone is at different stages of fitness. You may be a veteran or you might just be starting out. We want to help you with your active lifestyle and life transformation by offering free video training to answer any questions you might have regarding workouts. With the combination of unmatched high quality supplement products and guidance with your exercise routine, you’ll be destined for success with your fitness journey.