Top 4 Reasons Why You Need To Train Heavy

November 26, 2016

If building muscle mass is your fitness goal then training heavy is a must.

Bulking season isn’t merely about boosting calorie consumption.  If you want to boost your gains this bulking season then switching your workout regimen is a must. Bulking requires your regimen towards heavy weight training.Going heavy is not just beneficial for increased muscle mass.

Heavy lifting provides a variety of benefits and here are the top reasons to train hard and lift heavy.

1. Increase Strength

Whether you are a female or a male building strength is essential to reaching any fitness goal.

Strength helps improve balance, coordination, performance and overall body tone.

2. Burn More Calories During Rest

More lean muscle means more calories burned during rest. Traditional cardio such as the elliptical or group classes will make you sweat for that hour but once you’re done so is your calorie burn.

Weight training and building muscle boosts fat burn during and after your workout. Leaving your metabolism fueled all day long.

 3. Decrease In Injuries

When performed correctly, lifting heavy actually helps prevent degeneration and helps to reduce risk of injury.

Think about your knees, building muscles such as your quads takes pressure off your joints and knees.

If you do not have good muscle development the consistent movement will be placed on your joints rather than the muscles that surround the joints.

4. Build Muscle Mass

Lifting heavy during bulking season is a must. Boost your lean muscle mass this season with heavy weight training along with an increase of clean calories and see your bulking gains come to pass. 

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