Top Common Bulking Mistakes : Fails and Fixes

November 26, 2016
Top Common Bulking Mistakes : Fails and Fixes

Bulking season entails adjustments such as boosting calorie consumption, workouts to increase mass which encourages less cardio and heavy weight training.  

There are crucial ingredients within the bulking dynamic.  Whether it be not eating enough, consuming unhealthy foods and/or not timing your meals appropriately you must take initiative and apply the proper approach to inhibit lean muscle growth.

Bulking season is considered an off-season.  During this season is a crucial time to make improvements to your physique.

Here are top fails to avoid and fixes to makes improvements.

Fail: Not Eating Enough 

The Fix:

Food is energy that provides your muscles to rebuild after training. This is crucial to boost lean muscle mass. Carry snacks, prep meals and always have a backup scoop of fast digesting whey protein.

Fail: Not Eating Healthy Foods 

The Fix:

Bulking season is not about gaining fat but about increasing lean muscle mass.  It is imperative to have a clean meal plan. This will help during bulking season as well as during cutting season.

Fail: Not Enough Carbohydrates

The Fix:

Carbohydrates are critical for rebuilding

Simple carbohydrates (i.e., fast digesting) are great to have post-workout because they spike your insulin level and drive the glycogen into your muscles.

Carbohydrates also help inhibit protein synthesis.  Having a fast digesting carb source after a workout drives amino acids from the protein, which boost muscle growth and recovery.

Fail: Cardio Regimen Mishaps – Too Much and Not Enough 

The Fix:

Bulking season doesn’t mean neglecting cardio completely nor does it mean you should keep up your same cardio intensity you have over the spring and summer.

Cardio is necessary as it will boost your appetite, improve cardiovascular system and help your training regimen throughout the bulking season.

Most people (guys and gals) should stick to a moderate cardio program like 3-4 low intensity 20-30 minute sessions a week. This will keep both your metabolism humming and your appetite up and, most importantly you will be working the heart, which is the most important muscle of all.

Fail: Not Getting Enough Recovery Time

Whether it be cutting or bulking season rest is just as important as the training.  During bulking season lifting heavy is a part of the game. This type of training requires proper rest.

Rest allows muscles the time they need to rebuild.  Each muscle group trained should be given at least 48 hours of recovery. If muscles are really sore 72 hours/3 days is even better.